About us






Sanin Jewelry is the dream of two sister from Medellin, Colombia. Everything started two generations ago with their grandparents. They produced Pre-Columbian jewelry, an art that transcended original gold pieces from the indigenous civilizations that inhabited Colombia prior to 1500 A.D. With time, their parents fell in love with this art and continued the family business for two decades. When the economic recession hit Colombia in the late '90s, the jewelry business slipped through their fingers.

The big sister, Tatiana, started making jewelry to sell at her school and founded a private label business in Medellin. Her entire family was the backbone of the operation and the teamwork deemed wonderful results. For years to follow, the journey presented ups and downs, leading Tatiana to believe it was time for a change. She decided to immigrate from Colombia in late 2014 to the highest county in the United States, Summit County, Colorado. Her sister, Luisa, learned how to design and lead the business in Colombia.

In 2016, Luisa and Tatiana started talking seriously about her parent's potential. They put all their savings into their company revamp, an online store and creating a new collection called, "Constantino.” They welcomed inspiration which augmented their drawings and research, leading to their new jewelry lines. With Luisa in Colombia and Tatiana in America, the distance did not hinder their ability to work together one iota.

In 2020, Luisa’s soul was calling to explore and seek new adventures. She decided to leave Sanin Jewelry to do just that. Now Tatiana is in charge of the whole operation and Sanin Jewelry will continue expanding through North America and the rest of the world.