About us

Welcome to Sanin Jewelry Family!

My name is Tatiana Sanin, I am the founder and designer of Sanin Jewelry. This beautiful dream started back in my hometown Medellin, Colombia. Both my grandparents and parents have been in the jewelry business for years and I was fortunate to grow up watching them making beautiful creations. I remember loving my father's hands covered in charcoal after a long day at the jewelry studio and the admiration I felt when he showed me the final product, it was like magic to me.

When I was 18, I started making jewelry. I would visit the street vendors in downtown to buy my first supplies. The energy was infectious, it felt like a brief hint of heaven to me. I showcased my designs at my university, my whole life was about to change. My parents encouraged me to use one room in the house to convert into my jewelry studio where I would spend the majority of my time. 

        In 2014, I visited The United States for my first time. Life took a turn, giving me a path to immigrate to America, marrying a wonderful man and rescuing two dogs and a horse. When I moved here, I had a bag of clothes and big dreams. I left my jewelry business to my family and promised myself to start my business again when the time was right. I have been putting all my savings into that dream of mine and here I am. I am far away from home but I have my supplies, my jewelry and finally, I have my own studio here, I called it "My happy place". My family is in my heart and they are my engine and my biggest inspiration.

I didn't know I will take the same path as my parents but I am grateful to know what my passion is and to share it with all of you. I am so inspired to create meaningful and gorgeous pieces of jewelry that can light up your day or someone's else. Thank you for being here, I hope you find something you like!


PS: Let me introduce you to my three little rescued babies: Turbo, Sky and Cliff